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    Awarded 'Best College (Rural)' by SRTMU, Nanded

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institue
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16.2.2. E-Governance Audit Statement March 2023DOWNLOAD
26.2.2. E-Governance Audit Statement March 2022DOWNLOAD
36.2.2. E-Governance Audit Statement March 2021DOWNLOAD
46.2.2. E-Governance Audit Statement March 2020DOWNLOAD
56.2.2. E-Governance Audit Statement March 2019DOWNLOAD
66.2.2.Documents and Screen shots of user InterfaceDOWNLOAD
76.2.2. E-Governance ReportDOWNLOAD
86.2.2.E-Governance Support I (1)DOWNLOAD
96.2.2.E-Governance Support IIDOWNLOAD
106.2.2.E-Governance Support. IIIDOWNLOAD
116.3.2. Policy Doc Financial Support to TeachersDOWNLOAD
126.3.2.Bill Financial support 22-23 (1)DOWNLOAD
136.3.2.Bill Financials support 2021-22DOWNLOAD
146.3.2.Bill Financials support 2019-20DOWNLOAD
156.3.2.Bill Financials support 2018-19DOWNLOAD
166.3.2.List of Teacher Receiving Financial SupportDOWNLOAD
176.3.2._Audited statement of account highlighting the financial supportDOWNLOAD
186.3.3 List of Teacher participated in FDPDOWNLOAD
19Certificate FDP 2022-2023DOWNLOAD
20Certificate FDP 21 - 22DOWNLOAD
21Certificate FDP 21 - 22 IDOWNLOAD
22Certificate FDP 21 - 22 IIDOWNLOAD
23Certificate FDP -2019-2020DOWNLOAD
24Certificate FDP -2019-2020 IDOWNLOAD
25Certificate FDP 2018-2019DOWNLOAD
26Non - Teaching Training009DOWNLOAD