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Women’s Grievance Redressal Cell (WGRC)

[ Internal Complaints Committee(ICC)]

[ As per The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013]

Aims & Objective:-

v    To Prevent Sexual harassment and to promote the general well-being of female students, teaching and non-teaching women staff of the College.

v    To provide a safe and appropriate working conditions in respect of work, leisure, health and hygiene to further ensure that there is holistic environment towards women.


Internal Complaints Committee:-                                                     Contact No.

Ø    Smt. T.A. Shaikh                                --         Presiding Officer            9356842191

Ø    Prof. P.V. Bhutale                               --         Member                       9421853890

Ø    Dr.(Smt.) P.Y. Gangasagar                 --         Member                      9921954866

Ø    Dr.(Ms.) D.N. More                            --         Member                      9922758959

Ø    Smt. P.A. Kshirsagar                          --         Member                      7588160918

Ø    Shri C.R. Dafne                                  --         Member                      9420815106

Ø    Shri B.P. Kulkarni                              --         Member                      9922840703

Ø    Smt. S.B. Kadam                                --         Member                      9881523788

Ø    Dr.(Smt.) Sharaddha Waghmare        --            Member(External, Gynecologist)

Ø    Adv.(Smt.) Asha B. Lokhande           --            Member(External,Advocate)



            The WGRC(ICC) has two major functions:-

·                Preventive

·                Remedial



 v    To work towards creating an atmosphere promoting equality, non-discrimination, and gender sensitivity

                v    To promote and facilitate measures to create a work environment that is free from sexual harassment


                v    To receive and take cognizance of complaints made about sexual harassment at the college and give every complaint a serious consideration

    v    Crisis Management, Mediation and Counseling

v    To conduct inquiries into the complaints, place findings and recommendations

            regarding penalties against the culprits.


What is Sexual Harassment:-

Sexual harassment includes such unwelcome sexually determined behavior (whether directly or by implication as :

a)     Physical Contact and advances;

b) a demand or a request for sexual favours;

c) Sexually colored remarks;

d) Showing pornography;

e) any other unwelcome physical verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature, eve-teasing etc;

f) Any unwelcome message through mobile/phone/WhatsApp.  etc


How to Lodge a Complaint:-

                v    Any female student/woman employee of the college shall have the right to lodge a complaint with any of the Members of the ICC.

                v    Any female student can drop the complaint in the suggestion Box

                v    All complaints must be brought oral, or written, by the complainant in person.

            v    In exceptional cases third party/witness complaints may be entertained. In such cases , the Committee will ascertain whether the woman alleged to have been sexually harassed wishes to         lodge a formal complaint. Once such a complaint is received the Committee shall proceed to inquire into it as per the procedure specified.

                v    Where the Committee takes suo-moto notice

                v    After receiving the complaint, the committee shall then decide whether the complaint deserves to be proceeded with.

                v    Every complaint shall be duly recorded in the register maintained by the ICC.


Procedure for Investigation:-

                v    The committee shall give the accused an opportunity in written to explain within three working days why he should not be punished for the act of sexual harassment on his part

                v    If the written explanation of the accused is not found to be satisfactory or if he does not provide any written explanation, the Committee will decide whether the offence deserved  

                        a minor or a major penalty.


Penalties/Punishments For Sexual Harassment:-

   If a student/employee found guilty of sexual harassment he shall be liable to receive the following penalties.  The penalties listed below are indicative and shall not constrain the College         Management from considering others:


Minor Penalties:-

                Ø    Warning or reprimand.

                Ø    Written apology

                Ø    Bond/Undertaking of Good behavior

                Ø    Debarring entry into the Campus

                Ø    Suspension for a specific period

                Ø    With holding Results

                Ø    Counselling.


Major Penalties:-

                Ø    Expulsion from the College

  Ø    Debarring from the examinations for longer period.




ICC Report

Internal Complaints Committee Report