• Recognised Under 2F & 12B of UGC ACT 1956
    Awarded 'Best College (Rural)' by SRTMU, Nanded

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institue
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Procedures and Policies for Maintaining and Utilizing Physical, Academic and Support Facilities during 2019-20

I) Infrastructural Facilities: (Classrooms, Laboratories, Library including Reading Rooms, NSS, Sports room and Administrative wing)
The infrastructural facilities made available by the management are put to the optimum use with a meticulous planning. The routine cleaning and maintenance are done by the non-teaching (fourth class employees; Peons and Attendants) as per the cleaning schedule prepared by the Office Superintendent and regularly monitored by the Vice-Principal and the Head of the department concerned. The College Management has duly constituted a committee ‘Infrastructure Maintenance Committee’ to conduct periodical checks of facilities through two-more sub-committees, namely ‘Building Maintenance Committee’ and ‘Electrical Fitting Committee’. ‘Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)’ of all ‘Electrical Fixtures’ is in place with local service provider. Maintenance of ‘Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine’ and ‘Sanitary Napkin Destruction Machine’ are also covered under this AMC. Outsourcing is done for plumbing as and when required.
II) Laboratories: The calibration and maintenance of lab equipments are done by the Laboratory Assistant. Sock Registers and Stock Use Registers are properly maintained and Stock Verification is done at the end of every academic year. Major repairs are done by hiring technicians outside.
III) The institution provides security for all IT services and computer equipments like printer, desktop, etc. by outsourcing through ‘Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)’ with local service provider.
IV) The CCTVs are also covered under the above-mentioned AMC for maintenance.
V) ‘Library Advisory Committee’ is in place to look after the optimum utilization of the library resources.
VI) ‘Botanical Garden Committee’ looks after the maintenance of both, the Botanical and Medicinal Gardens.
VII) ‘Sports Committee’ undertakes the task of maintaining playgrounds and sports equipments.